All Features

At a glance

Dozens of features to help you run your remote work job hub.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

Just a one time setup and profit sharing.

Designed for Remote Work

One platform handles finding, hiring, managing, and paying remote team members.

Automatic Payment Processing

You choose the percentage you make for your job hub and we handle the transactions and pay out via Payoneer or Paypal.

Connect your own domain

Easily link any domain name to your job hub and have your job hub live at its own address.

Match your brand

Start from our modern base theme and customize the copy, colors and imagery to fit your brand.

Hourly Time Tracking

Clients can pay service providers for hourly work using a cross-platform time tracking app.

Real time reporting

Monitor your job hub's newest sales, jobs and Clients with real time data.

Notion App

Clients can use to manage tasks for their team

Mobile App

We provide a custom built iOS and Android app for your brand. The mobile app allows clients to manage ToDos and hire their team.

Job Notifications

Offer job seekers the ability to subscribe to get the newest jobs notifications delivered straight to their computer.

Job Feed

Automatically get jobs posted to your job hub for our exclusive Partner Network.

No Code Or Techie Stuff

 Create your own job hub easily, no technical skills required. We handle the tech support.

Features for job seekers

A seamless and delightful job finding experience.


JobHireHub  makes browsing through jobs a breeze, whether on desktop or mobile.

Flexible Invoicing and Direct Deposit

Bid on jobs on your billing terms which can be hourly billing, paid in advance, or paid upon job completion. Get paid via PayPal or Payoneer (for direct deposit).

Be part of a team

Our job hubs are built for team work. Long term projects and client relationships, not "flash in the pan" gigs.

Job Notifications

Offer job seekers alerts when a job is posted that matches their skills.

Less Scope Creep

Built-in tasks management leads to better expectation setting and greater clarity for clients and workers.

Private Job Invitations

When a job is posted a specific worker can be invited to bid.

Live Profiles

Job seekers no longer have to submit resume documents, their qualifications and ratings are maintained on a live page. 

Lower Fees

Low transaction fees allow Job seekers to keep more of their earnings, and in-turn charge clients less. It's win/win.

Features for Clients (Employers)

Delight Clients and build long-term customer relationships.

Simple and Free job posting

Minimize friction with our optimized posting flow for better conversion and happier customers.

Employer accounts

Let employers create accounts and access their own private dashboard to view stats and manage their profile, jobs and bids.

Dashboards And Team Chat

All Client accounts get access to billing reports, jobs listings, project dashboards, and team communication tools.

Flexible and secure payments

Pay with PayPal or Stripe for a simple and safe payment experience.

Project Management

Stay on top of deliverables. Manage project goals, team To-Dos and the daily tasks for each project team member.

Audit Remote Work

Track work performed by hourly workers with verifiable screenshots and dispute management. 

Diverse Talent pools

Allow employers to directly browse your diverse job seeker talent pool through a self-serve interface.

Job hub administration

Great admin tools to run your job hub business.

Configure look and Feel

JobHireHub's intuitive job board configuration lets you manage all aspects of your board appearance.

At a glance, real time stats

Stay on top of your business with front-and-center, real time stats about your newest sales, jobs, Clients and more.

No Fuss Earnings

Profits are deposited to your online wallet and can be withdrawn weekly. No hassle configuring payment processors and gateways. 

We Handle the Tech Support

As a board Administrator you get to focus on Clients and Talent. We handle all the technical stuff. 


You control the percentage you earn per transaction.

Can Integrate With Your Existing Web Site

Keep your existing website if you want. Our remote work job hub can be added on side-by-side with your existing pages.

Send Job Templates

Send a prefilled job template directly to an employer so they can post a job and start receiving bids from skilled workers with 1 click. 

Keep your Talent Pool

Instead of losing access to your talent with conventional recruiting.  Keep getting your best talent hired on long term projects on your own job hub.

Partner Network Job Posts 

Automatically fill your job hub with jobs from our exclusive partner network that your talent pool can bid on.

Custom Landing Pages

Create your own custom landing pages, with custom urls and content, that are fully optimized for SEO.

Partners to Help you Succeed

We provide tools and assistance to help you grow your Client base and build your business.

Private Partner Community

Gain recognition from being a member of our exclusive partner community.

Customization & Design

Make your board stand out with unique customization options.

Your Own Mobile App

Your own mobile app for iOS and Android with its own look and feel

Custom Logo and Colors

Upload your logo and choose from a range of colors to have your job board stay consistent with your brand.

Your Own Custom Portal

Whether you have an existing portal or need help creating one. We'll get you setup with your own completely unique frontend experience with your own pages, content, etc.

Your own Lead Magnets

Publish your own unique lead magnets to build your business and help your community.

Hosting & Security

Putting reliability and data safety at the forefront.

Cloud Servers

Our enterprise-grade cloud hosting ensures that your job hub loads quickly and reliably for customers anywhere in the world.

Continuous Update Releases

Whenever we add new features or improvements to the JobHireHub platform, your job hub is automatically updated.

Auto Backups

Our scheduled automated backups keep your data safe at all times.

Free SSL certification

JobHireHub provides SSL certificates for your domain at no extra cost to you to ensure maximum security compliance by encrypting all data traffic.